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Part 1

Becoming discovered quickly is the fastest way to becoming profitable. How does this happen though when direct marketing can be extremely expensive, hiring in-house marketing teams can make your budget go from thousands to nothing in no time, and most importantly making time to properly market your venture when you have so much more going on behind the scenes. We have the answer for you.

Where to Place Your Focus

You're opening up a brand new business, how are you wanting to be discovered? You've put a lot of hard work into your growing idea and are eager to get this idea out there and become profitable. How do you go from being a nobody to becoming a widely known business in the fastest time because these bills do not pay themselves! No matter how niche or broad your venture is, digital marketing now days should always be at the fore front of your operation. We can tell you exactly why.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing in a relative explanation is any type of marketing that you see on the internet including websites, social media, and other digital platforms. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the largest digital platforms to ever exist, and business's can use what they have to offer to help jump start some profitability. The ultimate goal of any marketing operation is to find your audience for what ever type of product or service your business is offering, and getting that product or service in front of them to help execute a purchase. What better place to start marketing your company than where you can guarantee finding a potential client.

Why Should Digital Marketing Be Used?

Let's use a local pizza restaurant for example here and call it Gus's Pizza. An SBA loan was used to open up this business, so the owner is already maybe $60,000 in the hole and desperately needs to start marketing his business to start being able to pay that loan off. Yes, I agree that good signage is an extremely crucial part of branding your business and for gaining walk-in clients. In this case, let's say the location is not in a very heavily populated area and not a lot of traffic passes by this location. The normal band-aid to this solution sometimes by the unknowing business owner is to purchase multiple plastic signs with a phone number and the business's logo slapped on there and placed by the street. Thinking that this would solve the problem, it is actually making things worse. Here's why:

  1. If a sign placed by the street has too many words on the sign, a passerby will not be able to read every thing on that sign- let alone remember a phone number or website.

  2. Many counties do not allow temporary signage to be left by the street, and are taken by the county every single night.

  3. This only reaches out to who ever passes by the business, and not placed directly in front of the majority of who really want some pizza.

I could go on, but you get the point. With digital marketing, you could spend the same amount of money that you spent on those signs but get legitimate leads from interested clientele. Facebook Ad services are by far some of the most advanced marketing tools a common business owner could ever get their hands on. Facebook Ad Manager is available to all business owners, and let me tell you, this is a massive lifeline for the small business industry. Not only can you target any type of audience, but you can target a specific individual right down to what they enjoy or have an interest in (like pizza).

The only reason I bring up Facebook Ads first, is because it would truly be the most basic but in my opinion one of the best marketing tools the small business owner could get a hold of. You get the chance to create amazing content with a delicious looking pizza, link that ad to your business's Facebook page or website, and then got through and pick out what audience you would like to target. Facebook will prompt you to pick and choose certain areas, and if you are a local business, you want to market to a local audience. This is why social media now days is such a crucial part of a business's success and profitability, but a huge majority of business's do not even know this entire business side of Facebook exists.

In this series, we are only scratching the surface of the power of digital marketing. Every week we will be giving your business rare tips and insights into the power of digital marketing not only to help your business, but to spread the word of this amazing marketing platform the internet has to offer. If your business needs help with digital marketing place get in touch with us today and we can set up a free consultation via phone or in person by contacting us at 678-234-2339. If you know of a business who is in need of digital marketing whether it is social media management, website creation, or general marketing purposes, please take advantage of our referral system and you could receive $100. Please like and share!

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