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Chandler Brown

Founder of Crosswind Marketing LLC.


In 2018 Chandler Brown was in business development for a private air charter called ImagineAir, based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia. He quickly became an important part of expansion for the company creating partnerships with Coca-Cola to help reduce cost of drinks on-board aircraft. He also ran the company's marketing campaign to try and obtain pilots in the middle of a pilot shortage. From these successes, social media, photography, videography, and digital marketing were all an integral part of marketing at ImagineAir, and Chandler was allowed to start running and managing all of these platforms. In this time, the company saw an increase in digital traffic by 75%. 

Unfortunately, ImagineAir went bankrupt from a lack of funding from investors. From this bankruptcy emerged Crosswind Marketing LLC. Multiple businesses on the Gwinnett County airport were in dire need of digital marketing and no one to fill that need. Chandler started with a flight school he was familiar with in order to gain some traction in this field. The Flight School of Gwinnett had recently been purchased by a Chinese entrepreneur and was in need of assistance on renovation, website creation, social media creation, and content creation. Chandler oversaw all renovations to transform the school from being in the late 1970's to modern day 2018 with brand new branding, technological implementations to appeal to the normal consumer, and general operations at the flight school. Now, the Flight School Inc. currently has expanded to a second operation in Athens, Georgia, and have acquired 9 more aircraft for flight training.

Crosswind was started as an aviation specific digital marketing agency, but is now servicing any and all digital marketing needs. 


What does aviation inspired marketing packages mean? Crosswind has developed digital marketing packages that are paid on a monthly basis with names based off of a traffic pattern at an airport. Our Departure Leg package (which is the first leg of the typical airport pattern) is the most basic and also the most affordable option for our digital marketing packages. The Final Approach (which is the final leg of the traffic pattern) is the most expensive monthly package but also offers the most amount of services to our clients. 

Our agency was built on the respect and integrity we want to give to our clients every single day. Another fact about Crosswind that sets us apart from the competitions is our no contract, no cancellation fees, no hassle policy. We believe if you are unhappy, we should do everything we can to keep your business, and not use a contract as a safe guard for laziness. When you hand us the keys to your digital platforms, we make it grow every single day, and if you see no results in the first week, then we are not doing our job correctly.

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